2017 Jeep Model Lineup Offers Plenty of Thrills For Summer

Memorial Day is behind us, which means another Summer of Jeep models is in store. But with so many impressive models to choose from, you might be wondering which one speaks to your needs. The commonality shared between models like the Renegade, Compass, and Cherokee may make it a harder choice—but don’t fret! There’s a model for you.

The Renegade, Compass, and Cherokee are three of the Jeep brand’s newest models, with the former-most being the smallest, and the latter being the largest. All share features such as UConnect infotainment, a Trailhawk model for off-road ready awesomeness, AWD, and unique, eye-catching designs that play on the brand’s design language. They also come with quite a bit of cargo room. The Renegade offers a maximum 50.8 cu-ft, while the new Compass offers 59.8. The Cherokee offers 54.9 cu-ft, and all three models have available roof rails to store additional gear.

Which model fits you best? You can find out by scoping them out in person at our Jeep model dealership in Charles City, IA. Contact us to learn more, or schedule your appointment.

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