The Technological Versatility of the Ram 1500

In our previous Ram 1500 blog post, we touched upon the incredible capability of this light-pickup truck and the engine power you can expect to generate when on the move and getting things done. But what other sides are there to the Ram 1500, and what makes this vehicle distinguishable for its versatility?

This question can be viewed from a number of different angles, but let’s begin with the technology offered. Coming standard in the base Ram 1500 model are audio essentials that include a sound system with six speakers, a USB port for phone charging, and an auxiliary jack to immediately plug in and begin playing music from your personal device.

Moving up in trim level, you really begin to get an idea of how technologically advanced this new Ram truck is. Bluetooth connectivity for both phone and audio helps you to communicate on the go, while an available Uconnect Access infotainment system connected to a touchscreen interface and integrated capability for your smartphone are also offered.

Review the Ram 1500 in all facets, technology included, here in the showroom of Mike Molstead Motors very soon!

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