The Chrysler Pacifica Reinvents the Minivan

Take a walk down any suburban street. Look at family motoring choices. Chances are various sparse designs lie before you--from adventure-going SUVs and flexible crossovers to efficient sedans and convenient minivans. Thirty years ago, however, suburbia did not have much diversity when it came to transports: the minivan was the crowned jewel.

As the minivan craze began to die down, Chrysler--its inventor--went back to the drawing board, asking the million dollar question: What does the modern family need?

Of course nothing beats the two-sliding door convenience and capacious, versatile cabins of the minivan, but when it came to style, efficiency and technology, minivans were not always ahead of the game. Chrysler recently discovered a solution, and one that will have suburbia buzzing: the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.

Equip with the latest technologies like Uconnect Theater, powered by plug-in hybrid equipment and packaged in a polished, curvaceous package, the Chrysler Pacifica is the real deal.

Just now arriving to our new Chrsyler Pacifica inventory here at Charles City’s own Mike Molstead Motors, this inventive ride can easily be yours. Join us for a test drive today.

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